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You undertake to indemnify and hold harmless the owner, managers and all members, officers, servants, agents and duly authorised representatives of the owner of the service against all liabilities (including damages whether direct, indirect or consequential, expenses, costs and legal fees on an attorney and own client scale) actions, proceedings, claims and demands on all alleged claims and demands howsoever arising. Without limiting the generality of aforegoing , the owner shall not be liable for any loss, cost, damage or injury (whether consequential, contingent or foreseeable) suffered by you as a result of :

  1. the use of the service, any reliance placed on the content; and
  2. the redemption or fulfilment of offers presented by Digicel MORE
  3. unsuccessful delivery, or amendment of offers presented by Digicel MORE
  4. any failures, defects or delays in the delivery of the service;
  5. failure to access any channels related to the service.

You hereby agree to indemnify the owner and managers and to hold us harmless from any loss, or damage you may incur by reason of any breach by the owner and managers of any of these terms.

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