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About Wendy's

Wisynco Corporate Profile

Wisynco is located in St. Catherine, Jamaica, and operates from two main locations. Manufacturing takes place at White Marl, while our location at Lakes Pen carries out distribution and is home to our Corporate Offices.

We are also the proud franchise owner and operator of the Wendy’s brand here in Jamaica. Several restaurants are already located throughout the island and there are many more to come. Creating the perfect dining experience for the Jamaican public is a priority in our restaurants division, and we are committed to ensuring this is fulfilled.

Wendys Corporate Profile

When Dave Thomas, Founder of Wendy’s, was 8 years old, he dreamed that he would run the best restaurant in the world. He didn’t just achieve this dream, he shared it with everyone.

Dave Loved two things above all else, food and people. That’s why he started Wendy’s. He believed in a place where you get great food, made fresh, and served by nice people. At all Wendy’s restaurants, we do our best to carry on that simple idea, every day. It’s his legacy.

Today, The Wendy’s company (Nasdaq:WEN) is the world’s third largest quick-service hamburger chain. The Wendy’s system includes more than 6500 franchise and company restaurants in the U.S. and 29 other countries worldwide.

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